Current Space Users

Process of Registration (*For Approved Circus Professionals/Trainers Only*)

Please email if you are not sure if you qualify for Space Rent.

Payment for Space Rent is due each month. We accept the following methods: Cash, Cheque, Credit, EFTPOS or Direct Deposit into the following account:

WA Circus School Inc.

BSB: 082-356

Acc: 945 991 368


(Please email a copy of the payment receipt.)

Please note – As per correspondence sent last month, Space Rent has now increased to $50 per month .


Lockbox Code

To gain access to the space you will need access to the keys which are held in the lock box. The lock box code will be changed on the 5th of each month, in order to receive the code you must notify WACS of payment. Upon receipt of form and payment you will be emailed the new code.



Ph: 0435 374 492