Train in the Big Top

The Freo Big Top is Open for registered Independent Circus Artists to train in

You MUST abide by all the rules of social distancing while inside

No more than 20 people can be in the Big Top at one time and you must follow the cleaning procedures written in the Big Top:

  • all mats used must be steam cleaned (steam cleaner is in the shipping container)
  • all apparatus and crash mats wiped down with Methylated spirits (Meths is in the shipping Container)

Everyone entering is asked to register on the form to the left of the entrance as you enter

Are you a professional Circus Artist looking for access to equipment and space to train? 

You can gain access to our space and equipment for unlimited, non-exclusive training anytime the tent or equipment is not occupied with our programs and services.

Our space hire is $15/drop-in or $50/4-weeks from date of confirmed payment.

Our equipment hire is $5/day or $15/month.

Some conditions do apply. Register Now or contact us to enquire or discuss further at  0435 374 492 or

See our calendar below to stay up to date with what’s happening and when the big top is available for training. Click the + in the bottom right to add our calendar to yours.



Ph: 0435 374 492