Sliders Youth Troupe


Sliders is CircusWA’s Youth Performance Troupe supported to foster the growth of professional Circus performers in WA. Young  people aged 13-25 who display exceptional skills and talent in Circus arts have the opportunity to join Sliders. The program accepts up to 12 students annually. 
By receiving a more focussed and high-level training, Sliders program prepares students for work as professional artists, or for further studies at specialist circus training institutions nationally and internationally. 

Sliders regularly perform and/or rove at local festivals and arts events, as well as deliver inspirational workshops at community and school events. 

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  1. Develop and enhance performance and circus skills
  2. Offer opportunities to work with industry professionals to create a well-rounded performer
  3. Provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students to grow artistically 
  4. Create regular opportunities for students to perform
  5. Support the development of youth to professional Circus performers.

Throughout the year the students work on their solo specialist skills, as well as developing skills in a range of Circus, theatrical, and dance skills through master-classes with leading experts, trainers, and teachers. 


  1. Attend 95% of the weekly training sessions – Sundays 3.30-5.30pm
  2. Be available for extra rehearsal and workshop sessions on weekends
  3. Be enrolled in a minimum of one (preferably 2) circus skills classes either at CircusWA or another approved training centre
  4. Attend an annual training and creative development tour to Melbourne in July School holidays
  5. Be involved in delivering workshops and roving at community events as a way of fundraising for the troupe’s various activities and promoting CircusWA



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