Classes & Courses

Circus WA offers a wide range of ongoing weekly classes and programs in a variety of Circus Arts, for ages 2 years through to Adults. We also offer Specialist workshops for professional performers and aspiring circus artists, dancers and fitness enthusiasts.

Moving towards a well structured progressive program, CircusWA has engaged the services of former National Institute of Circus Arts Trainer and former Circus Artist Chris Mayhew in the role of Head Trainer and Program Manager.

“An inclusive broad based Circus Arts program offers children, youth and adults throughout the community a unique and deeply enriching life experience.  Fostering creative, artistic self development and confidence in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.  Circus Arts develops the mind, body and spirit unlike  anything else and can capture the imagination and inspiration of children and adults alike.” – Chris Mayhew 2014

Our aim is to provide programs to the wider community, individuals, groups and schools encouraging both social community development and individual participation together with excellence in the Circus Arts.

TERM 1 – 2015

ENROL NOWTerm-1-2015-webTo secure your place in the class full payment of fees is required before classes start. This can be done via bank transfer and you will find our account details on your invoice or HERE.

If for any reason you are unable to pay your term fees in full please contact us in the office on 08 9335 5370 or and we will discuss your options with you.

**CircusWA reserves the right to cancel or amend any classes due to insufficient enrolments**

Circus WA School Program

For those who are interested in enrolling at the WA Circus School, our entry class is the Circus Level 1 (L1) class. This class is for not only for those who are new to circus, but also any one wanting to develop their skills further, and to have some fun at the same time.

Circus Level 1 offers a broad range of circus training covering:

  • Foundational circus skills in acrobatic warm up and conditioning
  • Handstand balances
  • Tumbling
  • Acrobatic balance and basic partner work
  • Aerials
  • Juggling
  • Manipulation and balance based circus skills e.g. tight wire, roll bola, unicycle, stilts.

The Age Groups for Circus L1 are as follows:

5-7 years
8-10 years – Saturday Program
11-14 years– Saturday Program
8-16 years– Weekday Program
15+ years

WA Circus School Specialist Classes

Aerial (Beginners through to Advanced – 9+ years)
These classes incorporate a range of aerials equipment and skills. Spaces for these classes are limited due to the nature of the activity and as such there is a pre-requisite that students must first complete the Circus L1 Program or the new Aerial Conditioning class and must be assessed by a trainer before moving into these classes.

Circus Aerials (9 – 16 years) *NEW CLASS*
Circus Aerials will cover a range of fundamentals including acrobatic warm up and ground work (handstands/tumbling and acro balance) but the main emphasis is on aerial work (trapeze and silk) and building on elements towards performing aerial routines and increasing overall acro and aerial skill levels.

Casual Classes

Tiny Tumblers (2-4 years)
For little ones and big little ones, our trainer will take everyone on an amazing journey as the Tiny Tumblers explore how their bodies work, move, and play. With guidance from their parents the Tiny Tumblers discover that they can roll, balance, throw, jump and bounce in ways they never imagined. Circus obstacle courses each week allow the participants to develop their fine and gross motor skills, learn about themselves, interact with others and have fun at the circus. Parents participate in class with students. Tiny Tumblers is a casual class and participants and their parents can opt to pay casually or purchase a ten class pass.

Aerial Conditioning (15+ Years) *NEW CLASS*
This newly created class is a fun and challenging fitness classes orientated towards building the necessary body strength and condition required for all aerial work.
If you’re an aspiring circus aerialist (trapeze or silk) or just wanting a new addition to your fitness routine which will give you maximum fun and fitness (think Crossfit for Circus) come and try our unique aerial fitness program.


Ph: (08) 9335 5370